Music „granatum“ by Sako Isoyan

Ulrike Steiner-Hissenauer, born 1968 in Tirol, Austria.

Living in Prien am Chiemsee since 2017

I studied drawing in Paris, Montmatre and – later on – in Barcelona, with the Street Painters of the Rambla.

Oil painting I studied with other artists in Florence, Italy.

In Marrakesch I discovered my passion for painting with natural pigments which I studied with a french painter and later on with different painters and groups.

My series „Couleurs de la Terre” is a tribute to the immense exlosion of colours in the desert of Marrakesch and in the oasis.

The splendid azzurro of  the ocean of Casablanca in spring, the shining smaragd green on the Costa Smeralda of Sardignia.

I tried to fix than in so many paintings – like the indigo – incredibly elegant early in the morning when the see bathes the Bay of Roquebrune.

But all these pictures emerge from deeply in my heart with the shining mountainlakes of my homecountry , the splashing creeks in the dark forests of Tirol, and the amazing cascades plunging over rugged rocks.

I create all my paintings without interruption in an inspiring meditativ bubble, sometimes two or three paintings simultanously.

But I always „ wake up „ after some days and I see the painting as a whole then I try to form this process in words and – sometimes – in a poem sometimes its just a word.

In each of my paintings there ist the explosion of colours which my heart remembers, the wish to recreate the beauty of landscape of water and the changing colours oft he sky.

Ulrike Steiner-Hissenauer